Kids’ Lunch Bag €6.00
Drumanilra Ham or Cheese Bun, Packet of Crisps, Organic Apple, Innocent Smoothie


Sausage on a Stick €2.00
Organic Sausage… On a Stick!


Sausage in a Bun €2.50
2oz Organic Sausage, Floury Bun, Ketchup


Kids’ Burger €4.00
4oz Organic Angus Beef Burger, Floury Bun, Ketchup (Salad Optional)


Ham or Cheese Bun €2.50
Drumanilra Ham or Irish Cheddar in a White Bun or Crusty Bread


Soup Cup (V) €3.00
Cup of Homemade Soup with Crusty Bread


Kids’ Hummus & Dippers Pot (V) €3.20
Organic Veggie Dippers and Hummus


Kids’ Sides €1.00
Fries, Salad or Coleslaw